Let me first wish all the readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May the festival of lights bring joy and happiness in your lives!

What could be the best gift for Diwali other than Lata Mangeshkar’s songs! Today I brought just that! Yearly review of Lata Mangeshkar’s Hindi film songs continues on the blog.
Today I’m presenting the year 1960. It was the last year in the decade of the 50s. Lata Mangeshkar was still the top most female playback singer of Hindi cinema. It was her 14th year in the Hindi film industry and she managed to be at the top all these years.
She was now not singing for C Ramchandra and S D Burman. But that had no significant effect on her professional life. She continued her assignments as usual.

Before we go to the table of composers, let me give quick highlights of it.

Chitragupt was again the composer, for three years in a row to compose for maximum number of films with Lata Mangeshkar.

The numbers in brackets indicate the total number of songs with that particular composer.

Coming to her duets,

As far as male playback singers are concerned, she sang 51 duets with various male playback singers, a large chunk of it (45 duets) was with Rafi and Mukesh. She had no duets with Kishore Kumar in 1960.

Coming to her duets with female playback singers. She had 9 duets with them, the maximum (4) were with Usha Mangeshkar. She has sung one duet with Honey Irani in the film, Barood, which I haven’t included in the table.

About trios and quartets, she had six of them in 1960.
One each from the films, Anuradha, Angulimal, Barood, Girl friend, Mughal e Azam and Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai.

It’s time now to start the list. As usual I have presented the songs composer wise, with the composer having the max number of films with her at the top and going in descending order …………

1. Chitragupt –
Chitragupt was once again the top composer for the year, with the maximum number of Hindi films that is 8 containing 31 songs in total. This is continuously the third year that he is at number one. A happy and proud moment for a Chitragupt fan like me.
It almost feels like Lata Mangeshkar had a separate voice for Chitragupt movies. It’s sweeter, more melodious and certainly more enjoyable. I’ve presented 6 songs from 6 different films.

I’ll start today’s list with a song picturised on Mala Sinha, wishing her a happy birthday.

Rang Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi – Patang (1960) / Chitragupt – Rajendra Krishan
I won’t say anything about this one! It’s so melodious, Lata’s voice is so sweet and expressive! No wonder the song is still very popular.

Aaja Re Tera Ek Sahara – Baarat (1960) / Chitragupt – Majrooh
A beautiful melody with a lot of anguish. For me it’s the best song of the movie. It’s picturised on Shakeela.

Sajna Kahe Bhool Gaye Din Pyar Ke – Chand Mere Aaja (1960) / Chitragupt – Prem Dhawan
Ek Se Badhkar Ek! Yet another gem from a ‘not so popular’ movie. But it just doesn’t matter! The song is elegant enough to highlight itself.

Koi Teekhi Teekhi Aankhon Ke – Gambler (1960) / Chitragupt – Prem Dhawan
I guess this song is not very popular, but it’s a typically sweet Chitragupt melody and I couldn’t help adding it.

Beet Gayi Hai Aadhi Raat – Nache Nagin Baaje Been (1960) with Rafi / Chitragupt – Majrooh
The song, picturized on Kumkum and Chandrashekar is an absolute delight to listen to. It’s so incredible that composers of the yesteryears composed melodious songs for all the films that came their way.

Itna To Bata De Ae Dil – Zimbo Comes to Town (1960) / Chitragupt – Prem Dhawan
The song is picturised on Azad and Chitra. The movie may be completely forgotten or even unknown, the song is still popular, At least among die hard Chitragupt fans! Such a beautiful melody!

2. Shankar Jaikishan –
Shankar Jaikishan had completed a decade in the Hindi film industry and by virtue of their versatility, they very soon topped the first rung of composers. Their unique style of orchestration and excellent tunes were extremely popular. Lata Mangeshkar was their favourite female playback singer and the union was very strong.
In 1960, Lata Mangeshkar sang for the duo in 5 films with a total of 26 songs. I don’t have any particular favourites from Singapore and College Girl. So my pick for today’s list are,

Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai – Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai (1960) / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
It was a difficult situation for me to select just one favourite among all the beautiful solos by Lata Mangeshkar. Finally I went for this melody, dipped in agony and distress. I was so much inclined to, Sheesha e Dil Itna Na and Mera Dil Ab Tera, both playful songs.

Banwari Re Jeene Ka Sahara – Ek Phool Char Kaante (1960) / Shankar Jaikishan – Hasrat Jaipuri
A beautiful devotional song, a bhajan! Such a soothing and relaxing experience!

O Basanti Pawan Paagal – Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai (1960) / Shankar Jaikishan – Shailendra
Again a difficult scenario to choose just one song from various solos and duets. All of her songs are masterpieces.

3. S N Tripathi –
In spite of having talent and ability to compose easy on the ear tunes, S N Tripathi unfortunately never made it to the first rung of Hindi film composers. In 1960, he had 5 films with Lata Mangeshkar with a total of 12 songs. I’ve selected three songs for the list,

Nainon Se Nainon Ki Baat Hui – Chandramukhi (1960) / S N Tripathi – Bharat Vyas
How did Tripathi manage to amalgamate sweetness and melody so wonderfully? The song is beautiful.

Thane Kajaliyo Banaylu – Veer Durgadas (1960) with Mukesh / S N Tripathi – Bharat Vyas
The song is a superb collaboration between Tripathi and Bharat Vyas. It’s catchy and easy on the ears.

Ja Re Gokul Ke Natkhat Chor – Laal Qilla (1960) with Rafi / S N Tripathi – Bharat Vyas
Pyara Pyara Ye Sama Hai is my most favourite from th8s movie. But I have included it on a few lists already. So I decided to look for another one. A beautiful semi classical song picturised on Helen. I couldn’t identify the male dancer. Was he the choreographer himself?

4. Salil Chowdhury –
Salil Chowdhury also had a long association with Lata Mangeshkar right from his first Hindi film. She was always the female playback singer for his Hindi films. In 1960, Lata Mangeshkar sang 16 songs for 4 Hindi films. I chose three songs for today’s list,

Mere Khwabon Mein Khayalon Mein – Honeymoon (1960) / Salil Chowdhury – Shailendra
I must confess, I am very much fond of the duet version. But Lata Mangeshkar’s contribution in it is very small, so I went for the solo. But it lacks the interludes with Lata’s vocals. Nevertheless it’s a good song!

O Sajna Barkha Bahar Aayi – Parakh (1960) / Salil Chowdhury – Shailendra
All the four solos by Lata Mangeshkar are superb and given an opportunity I would have added all. If at one end, there’s the soulful, Mere Man Ke Diye, the other end has the playful and energetic Ye Bansi Kyun Gaaye. Mila Hai Kisika Jhumka is equally enchanting. But as I always have to try to limit the number of songs on the list, I’ve added the rain song.

Machalti Aarzoo Khadi Bahen Pasare – Usne Kaha Tha (1960) / Salil Chowdhury – Shailendra
I love the energetic orchestration and Lata’s joyous voice. One experiences an adrenaline surge after listening to it. But once I tried singing it at the spur of the moment, I was almost breathless. And it was very difficult trying to sing in high spirits at a fast pace, emoting the expressions and maintaining a normal breathing.

5. Kalyanji Anandji –
Kalyanji Veerji Shah teamed up with his younger brother Anandji in 1959 and the journey of the duo started. Like the other composers, Lata Mangeshkar was their favourite female playback singer and they offered her songs consistently. In 1960, Lata Mangeshkar sang 12 songs for the duo in 3 films. Though Delhi Junction wasn’t perhaps an ‘A grade’ movie, the majority of its songs were good. I’ve all the three films on my list and incidentally all of the songs are sad ones.

Teri Raahon Mein Khade Hain – Chhalia (1960) / Kalyanji Anandji – Qamar Jalalabadi
Heart touching rendition by Lata Mangeshkar. I am now curious about the film! I haven’t watched it yet!

Mujhko Is Raat Ki Tanhai Mein – Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere (1960) / Kalyanji Anandji – Shamim Jaipuri
I think Mukesh’s version picturised on a very young Dharmendra is more popular, but this soulful Lata Mangeshkar version picturised on Kumkum is equally good. And Kumkum’s expressions are so good in this one, it’s really a pity that she couldn’t make it to the big banners. She was an excellent dancer and impressive actress.

Zalim Zamane Ne – Delhi Junction (1960) / Kalyanji Anandji – Gulshan bawra
I don’t know if it’s a popular song or not! But it’s my favourite and I wasn’t aware its video is also available.

6. Naushad –
Naushad was a composer who never used to be in a hurry. He believed in rehearsals and more rehearsals and of course the results used to be phenomenal. After his major film with Lata Mangeshkar, he slowly drifted away from other female playback singers and offered them songs sparingly. Shamshad Begum, who once ruled his recording room, was now remembered only for duets. Such an occasion was met when a jugalbandi between Madhubala and Nigar Sultana was planned and Shamshad Begum was called for Nigar Sultana’s playback.
He offered Lata Mangeshkar 16 songs in just a couple of Hindi films in 1960. He recorded 10 songs with Lata Mangeshkar for K Asif’s Mughal e Azam, though ultimately a few of the songs, including her trio with Shamshad Begum and Mubarak Begum were dropped from the movie. Perhaps the trio was never even picturised.
As far as today’s list is concerned, I have just a couple of songs,

Do Sitaron Ka Zameen Par – Kohinoor (1960) with Rafi / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
A beautiful melody! The song starts with a short aalap by Rafi which is usually not included in the audio version. The song reaches high octaves in the verse, where even Lata Mangeshkar’s voice gets a bit shrill. A thoroughly enjoyable song!

Bekas Pe Karam Kijiye – Mughal e Azam (1969) / Naushad – Shakeel Badayuni
The expressions infused by Lata Mangeshkar are just divine. It was very difficult for me to choose just one song, but I finally went for the soulful song, though I find it difficult to watch the gorgeous Madhubala in distress. Let it be just on screen. I’ve heard that real shackles were used while shooting and a devoted Madhubala accepted it without any hesitation.

7. Ravi –
Ravi is always considered to be more inclined to Asha Bhosle, but I think in his earlier years (before his association with B R Chopra), he also offered a few songs to Lata Mangeshkar. In 1960, he had just 4 songs with Lata Mangeshkar in 2 films.

Badle Badle Mere Sarkar – Choudhvin Ka Chand (1960) / Ravi – Shakeel Badayuni
The song is wonderfully sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The special thing about the song is that it’s the only song Lata Mangeshkar sang for a Guru Dutt film.

Mori Chham Chham Baje Payaliya – Ghoonghat (1960) / Ravi – Rajendra Krishan

8. Sardar Malik –
Sardar Malik couldn’t attain much popularity though his songs were always melodious. Perhaps due to the tag of B grade films, he never got an opportunity to compose for big stars and well known banners.
In 1960, he had Lata Mangeshkar singing for him in a couple of films with a total of 5 songs.
My choice for today highlights just one of the two films,

Daiya Re Daiya Ek Kanhaiya – Saranga (1960) with Chorus / Sardar Malik – Bharat Vyas
Does it really matter if the song belongs to an A or a so-called B grade movie? What matters to me is the melody, the tune and the singer’s expressions! And for me the song scores the highest grades in all these categories. Beautiful song!

9. Anil Biswas –
The late 50s couldn’t bring a good fortune to Anil Biswas and the number of films he composed for, also declined significantly.
In 1960, he had just a couple of songs with Lata Mangeshkar for the film Angulimal.

Tere Man Mein Kaun – Angulimal (1960) with Meena Kapoor & Chorus / Anil Biswas – Bharat Vyas
Lata Mangeshkar had just a couple of songs for Anil Biswas in 1960 and none of the songs was a solo. Nevertheless both the songs are good. Enjoy Nimmi with her sakhis talking about her beloved.

10. Pandit Ravi Shankar –
Panditji was perhaps never interested as such in composing for films and he had just a handful of Hindi films to his credit.
In 1960, his association with Lata Mangeshkar brought 4 magnificent solos for the film Anuradha. It was indeed difficult for me to choose a song,

Kaise Din Beete – Anuradha (1960) / Pandit Ravi Shankar – Shailendra
What a beautiful composition! Lata’s melancholic expressions are so apt. I am repeating myself, but all the Lata solos from Anuradha are superb.

11. Roshan –
Roshan started his Hindi film career in the early 50s, though he was not a popular composer. It was very strange as his tunes used to be good and his songs from the 50s are now being appreciated by and large.
The turning point of his career was of course the film Barsaat Ki Raat in 1960. The Qawwali songs from the movie became roaringly popular and he never looked back. Though Lata Mangeshkar wasn’t a part of the qawwalis, she had a couple of songs in the film.

Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bhoolegi – Barsaat Ki Raat (1960) with Rafi / Roshan – Sahir
Though I totally love Mujhe Mil Gaya Bahana, I have chosen the duet which is picturised on the gorgeous Madhubala. Though it’s painful to watch a distressed Madhubala on screen, the song is extremely good.

12. Madan Mohan –
Very surprisingly, Madan Mohan had just 3 songs with Lata Mangeshkar for a single film.

Ja Re Badra Bairi Ja – Bahana (1960) / Madan Mohan – Rajendra Krishan
A beautiful semi classical song. Lata’s other solo, Guzre Hain Is Tarah Se is wonderful too. Given an opportunity I would have added both the songs.

13. Pardesi –
The duet from Banjaran has been one of the best songs by Lata Mangeshkar. The so-called B or C grade of the movie doesn’t have an impact on the song. The song is a masterpiece.

Chanda Re Mori Patiya Le Ja – Banjaran (1960) with Mukesh / Pardesi – Pandit Madhur
What should I say about this sublime melody! I am thinking again! Why should the grade of the movie influence the fate of a song? Anyways, one of Lata Mangeshkar’s best duets with Mukesh.

14. Usha Khanna –
Starting her career with the Shammi Kapoor, Asha Parekh starrer Dil Deke Dekho, Usha Khanna had a very good beginning in Hindi films. So this could be her first film with Lata Mangeshkar.

Chhedo Na Mohe Kanha Ja – Hum Hindustani (1960) / Usha Khanna – Bharat Vyas
The song may not be very popular, but it’s a beautiful semi classical song with a dance performance by Asha Parekh. Lata’s vocals in the interludes are so impressive (I don’t know what one calls such a rendition).

15. Iqbal Qureshi –
Iqbal Qureshi was fortunate enough to have Lata Mangeshkar right from his debut film in 1958. He had three songs with Lata Mangeshkar in 1960 for the film, Bindiya.

Itna Na Sata Ke – Bindiya (1960) / Iqbal Qureshi – Rajendra Krishan
Again a good song from an obscure film. It’s picturised on Vijaya Choudhary and a male actor, whom I couldn’t recognise. Such a sweet melody, good orchestration and a catchy tune!

Here I end my song list. Even though I try to limit the number of songs, I always end up with many more than I anticipated. This time I had 30 songs.
Please add your favourites keeping in mind the timeline.

Disclaimer –
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