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It is Valentine’s Week, and the world is dreamy right now. Everyone prioritizes romance over everything else – be it short lunches with your loved ones or a sweet surprise. A cozy romantic dinner or just a random movie date. Everyone is taking hints from Bollywood films to make it the perfect Valentine for their partners.

However, while you might be planning to propose this romantic season, we decided to make a list of things you definitely should not do. In fact, we jotted down some of the most risky, terrible, and weird proposals in Bollywood that might definitely land you in trouble.

From Shah Rukh Khan to Salman Khan, we all have seen the leading men taking the wrong road to love, be it Shah Rukh Khan’s Rahul in Darr or Salman Khan’s Radhe in Tere Naam. However, there are some proposals and love stories that might make you go awww. But dare you try them in real life, and you might definitely be in deep trouble.

Here are some of the weirdest, riskiest, and red flag proposals of Bollywood, which might land you in trouble and should be a big No to romanticize!

The Weird Proposal – Tum Mere Bachchon Ki Maa Banogi? 

Kammo Ji, aap mere lalle ki maa banengi? This is what Raj Kapoor asks Padmini in Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai. Well, way too straight to ask a girl if she would have babies with you! Try this weird proposal and face the repercussions – from a slap to a police case for eve-teasing, anything might come your way!

The Daring Proposal – Wo Idhar Dekh Raha Hai? 

Kareena Kapoor Khan was very daring when she tried to make an escape route from the boy she was about to get married to in order to be with the boy she wanted to get married to. While this might have been seen as a romantic ending, it was troublesome and not required. From romanticizing Geet to finding her troublesome, I think we all grew up!

The Terrible Proposal – Na Chai Na Chowmein 

There are men who are cute, and there are men who are chaotic. Bittoo belonged to category two the minute he decided to meddle in the relationship of the girl who loved him, waited for him, and then decided to move on and get married. Calling her fiancee and then mouthing lines like Tere bina mauj nahi hai, na chai mein na chowmein mein was not done, Bittoo. The most terrible proposal ever!

The Stalker Proposal – Don’t Fall For It

This Aditya guy from Saathiya should be the most haunting and scariest breed of Aashiqs one might come across. He sees a girl, follows her, keeps an eye on her schedule, stalks her god knows how much, and lands up to propose marriage to her on a local train! Also, he finds his proposal epic, funny and humorous. No wonder they had a terrible marriage afterward!

The Riskiest Proposal – Naukari Jaayegi Meri 

Alia Bhatt’s Ananya has to be the most stupid girl to allow her boyfriend to ruin her career even before it starts. But no, while his man proposes to her, halting her interview, she says yes to him! Well, some priorities there!

The Rage In Proposal – The Red Flag Proposal

Here’s the alpha male of this decade hallucinating that a girl loves her despite calling her Bhaiya because she was forced to call him Bhaiya since everyone knew he could be the Saiyaan! What terrible way of forcing relationships and what terrible men and women romanticizing romance between all this Bhaiya thing!

PS: This is the same man who proposes to the girl, complementing her pelvis later, and the girl deserves everything she faced in the film for choosing a man like Rannvijay in Animal!

The Delusional Proposal – Another Red Flag

Then there are the delusional ones where you keep holding to the Bachpan ka pyaar or the one-sided love while the other party moves on. And while clearly a no is a no, maybe it takes much more than a no to make the Aashiq union understand this clause!

The Dilemma Proposal – They Deserve It

Why would you need a man or a woman who is as confused as Bunny and Naina? She wanted to move on with Vikram but was escaping Bunny, and he wanted to hold onto Naina while escaping her at the same time. Well, forget it; you know what these two problematic souls deserved each other. Relationships cannot be a dilemma, something they do not understand, even while proposing to each other.

So this Valentine’s Season, stay away from these weird proposals and avoid being the red flag in your relationship.

Thank us later, for we’ll give you some better ideas soon.

Stay tuned to Koimoi.

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Right from Ranbir Kapoor to Ranveer Singh, here are all the romantic proposals that might land you in trouble. The post Propose Day: Bollywood’s 8 Weirdest, Most Terrible, Riskiest Red Flag Proposals Which Might Land You In Trouble In Real Life! appeared first on Koimoi. 


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